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Over and above the goods separately listed we also offer a number of other items for personalisation:

Placemats - we provide two options - a textile rubber backed mat with a printed image (A4 size) centred in a white border or a smaller hardboard option.


    Textile- 7.00

    Hardboard - 8.00

Mousemats - again there are two options - 3mm or 5mm and both come with a rubber backing.


    3mm - 4.50

    5mm - 5.00

Branded white Towels - we can offer a range of sizes. All towels are white!



    Hand towel (30x60cm)  - 8.00

    Medium (50x100cm) - 12.00

    Large (70x150cm) - 15.00

Maximum print is A4. These make ideal corporate or club branding items.

Pillowcases - we provide three ideas for these:  

1, 2 or 3 x A4 size images - why not create your own bedroom theme with a customised or personalised set of pillowcases - how about an artistic design or flower theme?



    1 Picture - 10.00

    2 Pictures - 12.00

    3 Pictures - 14.00

Ties - we can create unique one-off ties.

    Price from - 20.00

Ask us about bulk order items (min 10 items) - price reduction will apply


Or try us for other ideas - we will only say no if it is not within our current capabilities