What is this all about?

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  • About KCR

    Kinetic Chain Release is a physiotherapy protocol developed by Hugh Gilbert - world renowned Scottish Physiotherapist.

    It is designed to bring the body back into balance through a series of medically recognised and approved gentle, non-invasive joint mobilisations and stretches quickly and effectively.

    It is designed to bring a high degree of, and often almost instantaneous, relief from a range of painful conditions such as:

      Chronic Back Pain; Fibromyalgia; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Irritable Bowel Syndrome; Migraine Headaches; Scoliosis; Teeth Clenching/grinding; Snoring/Sleep Apnoea; Bloating; Tennis(golfers) Elbow; Behavioural Disorders in Children; Weak(frequently sprained) Ankles; Chronic Knee Problems; Breathing difficulty; Chronic neck pain; Plantar Fasciitis; Chronic Stress; Menstrual Pain; Tired Shoulders; Recurrent hamstring issues; Recurrent groin strain; Tight Calves; Insomnia; Wrist pain and weakness; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD)

    Often relief can be achieved from as little as just one treatment where other forms of treatment have proven unsuccessful.

  • Who can benefit?

    Everyone alive regardless of their age can benefit from KCR.

    By applying this protocol we can help you bring your body back into balance thereby reducing and often completely alleviating problems such as painful knees, weak ankles, hip and other joint pain, pelvic discomfort, back, shoulder and neck pain and headaches.

    Energy levels will increase dramatically when the body is in balance.

    To quote Hugh: “If you think we can’t help... think again!”

  • Sports?

    Athletes of all ages and abilities from the casual walker, jogger, swimmer, tennis or golf player or even those who occasionally just walk the dog to an elite level sports person can use the KCR protocol treatment to significantly enhance their performance and maintain their edge.

  • More

    You can experience the amazing effects of KCR for yourself by arranging an appointment with us.

    We operate primarily in the West Lothian area of Scotland.

    Treatment can be conducted at our premises or we can come to your home.

    For corporate sessions we will come to your company premises where we can treat a number of your staff in a day.

    We do ask that you provide a private room where we can set up our treatment bench. Although treatment is carried out without the need to remove any clothing (well shoes and socks)- this will be dependent on whether we need to do a full back Connective Tissue Release (CTR) in which case the patient may be required to remove their shirt/blouse.