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Swim-IT Club Fees

All members of the club pay an annual fee to the club. It is also club policy that each junior swimmer have at least one adult member affiliated to the club. This adult member (unless also swimming in Masters) will incur a nominal annual fee.

Why do we have this and what is it for: Every swimming member of the club is encouraged to enter and participate in competitions. Only SASA (Scottish Amateur Swimming Association) registered swimmers are permitted to enter these competitions for which there is an annual registration fee. Parents are encouraged to help out at competitions through volunteer work and or as technical officials but again they need to be registered as SASA non-swimmers. SASA also provide the club with all relevant insurances which for the price is a very reasonable fee. The SASA fee also covers the club for insurance purposes.


Swimmers in 1-to-1’s (personal tuition), adult and baby and disability learn to swim sessions will incur a fee for that session.

Mainstream lessons and club squads each have their own annual fee structure which is determined based on the progressively increased amount of training performed snd the group the swimmer is assigned to as they improve.

These annual swimming fees are divided into 12 monthly payments solely for the convenience of our members and they are therefore payable throughout the year regardless of whether the swimmer attends or not.

It is desirable that all fees are paid electronically and preferably by standing order. Please make sure you continue to pay the correct amount, especially when your child changes training groups. A change of squad will only attract the new squad fee from the inception of the following month.

Please note that the Club will require you to pay any back-dated amounts owing in cash should you fail to amend your standing order on time.

All fees are due in advance with the exception of the specialised sessions which are paid by session.


At the time of submitting entries for a gala, the club is expected to pay over the entry fees for all swims. Often, however, a swimmer will not get a swim due to over-subscription at the competition. In such circumstances the Host club will refund Swim-IT accordingly. Swim-IT will not ask for any competition entry payments until all these transactions have been confirmed and the exact number of swims and appropriate fee is known.

Problems or Queries

Any problems or queries please contact the treasurer at treasurer@swim-it.co.uk.
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